PHYSICAL PROOFSHEET - 10x15 - $10 per page

If you'd like a permanent record of your entire photo shoot in a printed format that's simple to reference, traditional paper proofs are the way to go. Physical proofsheets contain up to 49 images per page and are available in color or black and white.

ONLINE PROOFSHEET - $10 per 300 images

The innovative and useful online proofing process allows you to browse the entire photo shoot and even preview each image. Featured on each online proof page are such conveniences as frame numbers and photographer information. The most popular feature of the online proofsheets is the ability to order any of our printing services. You can order custom prints, retouching, headshot printing, and online casting images.

CUSTOM PROOFSHEET - 10x15 $20 per page

If you would like to customize your Physical Proofsheet and include only images of your choosing from you session, you may do that as well. These Custom Proofsheets contain up to 49 images per page. Simply send us an email with the image numbers you want to use to make your custom proofsheet or you can select the images in your online proofsheet and then choose the option to order a proofsheet of your Favorites on the ordering page.

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